The Simple Faith of Finishing: When Writers Get Stuck

The Simple Faith of Finishing: When Writers Get Stuck

I recently wrote an essay for Ancient Faith blog about the difficult task of finishing a writing project, not to mention all the emotional baggage that can conjure up…

For openers like me, finishing a piece of writing requires even more faith than beginning it. To finish something is to send it out into the world, where you can no longer hide behind endless revisions and perfectionizing. To finish something requires turning the work around and facing its messy side to be sure everything is where it should be—not an easy task for someone who likes straight lines and clean compartments. But more than that, to finish something means to see ourselves, to acknowledge what it is we have tried to do or give words to, and to acknowledge our limitations. (And there are always limitations—it’s in the nature of being human that our aspirations are chronically higher than we can reach, that’s the beauty of reaching for the stars.)

To read more, head on over to the Behind-the-Scenes blog at Ancient Faith.

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