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3 Ways Podcasting Has Made Me a Better Writer

This is the next post in my ongoing series about how podcasting helped me recover from my PhD and led to my publishing a non-academic book. It’s intended for academics and current graduate students wondering how they might branch out into new areas of research and writing. In this post, I discuss the top three…
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Point A to Point B: How I Published a Book While Recovering from My PhD

I defended my dissertation in October 2015. At the time, I was so burned out I didn’t think I’d ever write again—academically or otherwise. It’s now a scant two years later and I’m holding in my hands a hard copy of my first book, published the old-fashioned way with a press and everything, on a…
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How to Nourish Abundance through Generous Writing

Does writing ever seem like a shot in the dark? Like the world of ideas has already been picked dry by more creative or successful writers? Does your genre ever feel too small for a measly scrap like you? Today, I’m kicking off a series I’ve called Generous Writing. It’s about how to use writing…
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Mastering the Short and Simple: Three Ways to Get to the Point in Your Writing

One of my writing goals for 2018 is to produce content on a more consistent basis. In addition to this editing blog, I have my own podcast and blog as an author, not to mention a book to launch in January, which will require writing numerous guest posts and other promotional materials. I’ve been struggling…
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What Writing and Working are Teaching Me: A Lenten Reflection

Things have been a bit sparse around here, mostly because I’m in the midst of finishing my book manuscript. In the absence of posts on The Writer’s Loom, I’ll direct you to a recent reflection I wrote on the act of finishing a book. For me, this is always a grueling process that seems to…
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Announcing my book: Time and Despondency!

Guess what? I’m writing a book! It’s about despondency, a sickness of the mind and the soul that ancient theologians termed akedia (acedia), which literally means “carelessness.” In despondency, our souls grow slack and we lose the ability to care and put a meaningful effort forth, particularly in the spiritual life. Although much has been written about this…
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