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5 Things I Do at the Beginning of Every Year

In her book Happier than Before, Gretchen Rubin discusses the strategy of new beginnings as a way to set ourselves up for success in starting or maintaining good habits. According to this rationale, new beginnings (like a new job, new school year, or move to a new house) meaningfully interrupt old routines and thus provide an…
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“18 for 2018”: How to Happy-fy Your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you like to make new year’s resolutions? In their recent episode of Happier, Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft proposed–as an alternative to ordinary resolutions–making a happier project out of 18 things for 2018. In other words, make a list of 18 new things you could do during 2018 that would “spark joy,” to use…
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Better Mornings than Before

Monday marked the start of an intentional plan to revamp my morning routine. It all started when a friend and I started reading through Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before, a perceptive exploration of the art of changing and mastering habits. What sets Rubin’s book apart from other works I’ve read on the topic is she…
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