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How to Defeat Shame through Generous Writing

One of the most difficult struggles writers face is what I call “pre-emptive shame.” We encounter shame before there’s even a reason to–before we even put our work out there. Sometimes just thinking something you’d like to put in writing is enough to debilitate us, let alone actually finishing a project and publishing it–or trying…
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How to Focus Ideas through Generous Writing

It’s happened to all of us. We start writing with a crisp idea of what we want to say. As we venture into the details, however, we get lost–in the minutiae, in a sense of personal inadequacy, or in fear and shame. Maybe we simply get lost in the research, lost in everything we know…
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How to Nourish Abundance through Generous Writing

Does writing ever seem like a shot in the dark? Like the world of ideas has already been picked dry by more creative or successful writers? Does your genre ever feel too small for a measly scrap like you? Today, I’m kicking off a series I’ve called Generous Writing. It’s about how to use writing…
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