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Project Management for Writers: the 6+2 Week Goal Cycle (with printable template)

If you’re like me, you find the project management side of creative work to be… Wait, what’s project management? My point exactly. For years, I’ve been trying to find a project management strategy that worked. Planning on a yearly or quarterly basis was futile because they were too long–I was constantly changing course or reconsidering…
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How to Defeat Shame through Generous Writing

One of the most difficult struggles writers face is what I call “pre-emptive shame.” We encounter shame before there’s even a reason to–before we even put our work out there. Sometimes just thinking something you’d like to put in writing is enough to debilitate us, let alone actually finishing a project and publishing it–or trying…
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Mastering the Short and Simple: Three Ways to Get to the Point in Your Writing

One of my writing goals for 2018 is to produce content on a more consistent basis. In addition to this editing blog, I have my own podcast and blog as an author, not to mention a book to launch in January, which will require writing numerous guest posts and other promotional materials. I’ve been struggling…
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