I offer several categories of editorial and coaching services that can be configured and combined to meet the needs of any project.


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Professional editing polishes your finished draft or manuscript on a variety of levels, depending on what’s needed. I provide the following forms of editing, each of which serves a particular function in improving the manuscript: 


Substantive (developmental) editing improves organization, structure, internal cohesion, and overall voice.

Academic editing prepares a manuscript for the particular needs of academic publishing.

Language editing improves the writing of authors for whom English is a second language.

Stylistic and copy editing polish weaknesses in readability, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and basic formatting.

Indexing prepares a glossary or index for a given manuscript.






Writing coaching moves your project forward through consultation, accountability, and/or collaborative editing. My coaching packages typically involve a combination of the following services:

Initial or ongoing consultation to gain insight into your project and writing-related struggles, and to develop a writing goal and action plan.

Weekly or biweekly accountability checks to encourage and touch bases with you on your journey. 

Monthly writing deadlines, usually chapter-length assignments, to serve as stepping stones on the path to a full manuscript.

Collaborative editing and/or skype conferences to equip you with a plan to improve each chunk of writing.