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The SPIKES Protocol and Me: How a Doctor’s Bad News Improved My Communication Skills

Have you ever felt deflated, overwhelmed, or just plain weird after someone commented on your writing? Even when the criticism is constructive and well-intentioned, if it’s not communicated in a way that’s clear and empowering, it may cause more damage than good. As an editor and writing coach–not to mention a writer myself–this is a…
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My 3 Time-Management Tweaks

I recently got to be on a panel at the monthly program for Editors Toronto, the local branch of the national editing association in Canada (Editors Canada). The topic was how to manage time as busy editors. In my talk, I shared three of the most useful tweaks I apply to time-management in my own…
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Cognitive Tunneling and the Writing Process

As I write this post, it’s a rainy early morning. I’m drinking a cup of coffee and just finished off a ginger and date scone from a batch I made the other day. By all accounts, not a bad way to start the day. But I’m dreading finishing this post — there’s no milk in…
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3 Ways to Edit Your Writing

3 Ways to Spot Your Own Writing Mistakes

Just out of curiosity: did anyone ever have any luck with all those Magic Eye puzzles back in the ’90s? You know what I’m talking about: the stereogram puzzles you’d hold right up to your face and pull away slowly until some image emerged from the chaos of color. I honestly never got very far…
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professional networking

Relational Networking

Today, along with over 400 grad students, academics and alt- and post-acs in various stages of their career transition, I attended Beyond the Professoriate online conference. It’s a conference for people trying to do just that–get beyond the professoriate. Some of us are former graduate students, some of us are adjuncting, some of us are in tenure-track…
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Why We Can’t See Our Own Mistakes

One of the sadder facts of life is that we tend to see others’ errors more quickly and readily than our own. The tiny speck in our neighbor’s eye is almost always more apparent than the gaping 2×4 sticking out of our own. Nowhere is this truer than in writing and editing. How many times…
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