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I’m Nicole Roccas,
editor & writing coach  

at The Writer’s Loom


My biggest creative outlet is communicating–whether honing my own writing or helping others do the same.

Next on the list is knitting, even though I’m not very good at it.

I can’t help but perceive connections between these two modes of creating–both begin with disparate strands, both require weaving in the loose ends, and both can culminate in something that brings greater warmth and vibrance into the world.

 As an editor and coach at The Writer’s Loom, I’m here to weave in those loose threads and help make your writing as seamless as it can be.

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From the blog… 

Cognitive Tunneling:
How to beat it and get out of the box

“Like a magician’s sleight of hand, cognitive tunneling directs our attention away from the big picture. While editing our own writing, our mind zooms in on conceptual aspects — the words, ideas and arguments we worked so hard to render into coherent text — and we become blind to basic errors and weaknesses in the writing. . . . In my own writing habits, this amounts to getting sucked into minute elements of what I’m writing — I over-focus on one point of my argument at the expense of others, or I get so caught up on the wording in one sentence that I’ll spend an entire day working on it. Or I’ll focus on word counts and manage to get an entire section on paper that has no argument.”

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Client Testimonials

The folks I’ve been priveleged to work with have considered me an understanding and perceptive supporter of their success.

Nicole knows how to work with writers. Although I have collaborated with a number of fine writers and editors as a consultant, speaker and executive director of a nonprofit charitable organization, I have never worked with anyone as insightful and helpful as Nicole. She has a gift of knowing what I’m trying to say, and helps me say it better.

T.W., client

Mental Health Professional and Writer

Writing is hard work. Nicole’s thoughtful guidance and criticism helped me to become a much more disciplined writer.  She challenged me to do my very best writing and grind out the research that was the basis for it.  It was an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life and for this I am grateful.

B.W., client

writer in the field of history

I loved working with Nicole. Her  work is exemplary and she has a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure quality. Her excellent communication skills keep projects focused and on time. I will continue to work with her and recommend her to others.

G.N., client

Web Designer